Instructions for using the software



This software allows GruppoFabbri customers and suppliers to access a restricted protected area that contains documents and services specifically for them.

The first thing to do is to register (at no charge) so the system knows which services and documents the user can access once inside the restricted area.


To start the registration process, click on the “Register new user” link on the main screen.



Now fill out the fields with your information.

There is an example below for demonstration purposes.



The “GruppoFabbri code” is your customer or supplier code with which GruppoFabbri identifies you.

You can find this code on invoices:




And on order confirmations:


Once you have filled out all the information, press the REGISTER USER button.

Now your user is registered but is not yet active.

You will receive an e-mail in a few seconds with a link you must click on to activate the registration.

Do not reply to the e-mail address, as it is only used to send and is not read by anyone.

For any issues, contact our “customer service”.



Your user is now active and you can access the GruppoFabbri restricted area.

Click on the link to go back to the main page.



Enter your username (your e-mail) and password in the specific fields and press the ENTER key or click on the LOGIN button.



You are now in the GruppoFabbri restricted area and you can access the services specifically for you.

Each icon corresponds to a different service. in this example, the user can use “FILM documents”.

To exit the restricted area, click on “LOG OUT”.

To access the “FILM documents” service, click on the image or description.



On the main screen you will also find the link that will allow you to modify your password.


Enter your e-mail, the old password and the new one you wish to set.

The new password must be entered twice in order to make sure there are no typos.

Click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button to confirm the change.



Every customer/supplier can register more than one person (with different e-mail addresses) to the restricted area.

GruppoFabbri is constantly developing new services and provides them to users based on their needs and requirements.